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IMAP Migration - Links and Resources

The following post includes many useful links to: articles, videos and tools that relate to the IMAP Migration (migration from non Exchange server to Exchange Online).

IMAP Migration | Office 365

Office 365 offers a variety of methods for mail migration. Each of the mail migration methods is designed for specific organizational needs and structure.
The best practice is to understand the difference between each of the mail migration methods and after choosing the most appropriate migration method, implement the migration process as a workflow that includes steps such as: Learn, plan, deploy, verify, troubleshooting and so on.

Various former times in which there was no much written information about the method of IMAP Migration, in the current time, the main issue is related to the phenomena of TMI (Too Much Information) and, the main task is: how to find to the most relevant information from the Microsoft (and other such as mine) web sites.

To be able to save your precious time, I have collected many relevant sources of information that relate to IMAP Migration.
I hope that the following links will help with the task of implementing IMAP Migration.

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Link to Tool

Link to PowerShell script


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