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The following post includes many useful links to: articles, videos, PowerShell scripts and tools that relate to the subject of Hybrid environment and Hybrid Migration process (migration from Exchange on-Premises server to Exchange Online) in Office 365 and Exchange Online environment.

Exchange Hybrid Migration | Office 365

Office 365 offers a variety of methods for mail migration. Each of the mail migration methods is designed for specific organizational needs and structure.

The best practice is to understand the difference between each of the mail migration methods and after choosing the most appropriate migration method, implement the migration process as a workflow that includes steps such as: Learn, plan, deploy, verify, troubleshooting and so on. Mail Migration to Office 365 - Road Map Various former times in which there was no much written information about the method of Hybrid Migration, in the current time, the main issue is related to the phenomena of TMI (Too Much Information) and, the main task is: how to find to the most relevant information from the Microsoft (and other such as mine) web sites.

To be able to save your precious time, I have collected many relevant sources of information that relate to Hybrid Migration. I hope that the following links will help with the task of implementing Hybrid Migration.

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Hybrid Migration | Plan

Mail Migration to Office 365 - Road Map - Plan

Hybrid Migration | Get familiar with Exchange Online Hybrid migration

Articles Links tableOffice 365 | Articles Links table
Migration to Office 365 | General information
Understanding Hybrid Deployments with Exchange 2010 SP3
Plan an Exchange Online hybrid deployment in Office 365
Exchange Online migration performance and best practices
Exchange Server Deployment Assistant
Hybrid Deployment Prerequisites
Comparing Exchange Online and Exchange Server 2013
The Cloud On Your Terms (PART I): Deploying Hybrid
The Cloud On Your Terms (PART II): Managing Hybrid
Exchange Calendaring Sharing Matrix
Articles Links tableOffice 365 | Articles Links table
Migration to Office 365 | General information
Exchange Server Migrations
Mailbox Migration to Exchange Online
How to migrate mailbox data by using the Exchange Admin Center in Office 365
PowerShell Scripts link tablePowershell Scripts link table
Generate Exchange Environment Reports using PowershellInfo As an Exchange administrator, there’s times when it’s useful to have a visual, straightforward and concise document that gives you a good overview of your environment. This script generates a HTML report and can be scheduled and emailed. Compatible with Exchange 2003 – 2013

Hybrid Migration | Pre Migration operations

Mail Migration to Office 365 - Road Map - -Pre migration

Hybrid Migration | Prepare your environment

Articles Links tableOffice 365 | Articles Links table
How to Enable Outlook Anywhere (Exchange 2010)
Hybrid Configuration Wizard Prerequisites
Hybrid Deployment Prerequisites
Checklist – Exchange 2003 and Office 365 Hybrid Deployment
Exchange Hybrid Deployment and Migration with Office 365
Exchange Queue & A: Handling hybrid environments
Hybrid Migration | Deploy | Pre Migration operations | Certificate
Wildcard Certificate Causes Client Connectivity Issues for Outlook Anywhere
Outlook 2007, Exchange with Wildcard Certificate

Hybrid Migration | Deploy

Mail Migration to Office 365 - Road Map - Plan

Articles Links tableOffice 365 | Articles Links table
Hybrid Migration | Deploy
Exchange Hybrid Deployment and Migration with Office 365
Exchange Server 2013 Hybrid Deployments
Configure Legacy On-Premises Public Folders for a Hybrid Deployment
The Cloud On Your Terms (PART I): Deploying Hybrid
The Cloud On Your Terms (PART II): Managing Hybrid
Hybrid Migration | Deploy |Install a “New” Exchange Hybrid server
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 (SP3)
Downlaod Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Hybrid Migration | Deploy | Hybrid Configuration Wizard
Introducing the Hybrid Configuration Wizard
Office 365 Insight into the Hybrid Configuration Wizard
Video Links TableOffice 365 | Video links table
Ignite Webcast – Hybrid DeploymentInfo In this webcast we get an overview of migration capabilities, limitations and available tools of Hybrid Deployment.
Exchange 2010/2013 hybrid changesInfo This support webcast will explain how the Hybrid Configuration Wizard and Hybrid Free Busy work. We will also dive into some of the common failures that occur and some of the changes that happen in the background.
Deploying Office 365 Jump Start (08): Exchange Online—Hybrid Scenarios | Part 1Info During session one of a two-part module, Ajinkya Pinto leads Stefan Schmitt through a key discussion covering the planning and deploying of hybrid scenarios with Exchange Online. During this session, Ajinkya covers the Migration Options Decision Framework and Migration Tools.
Office 365 Hybrid Deployment Deep Dive Info To provide the smoothest migration to the Office 365 environment, or to keep a mix of on-premises mail users and Office 365 mail users for a long time, organizations can configure an Exchange hybrid deployment. During this video we will cover the configuration steps needed to set up an hybrid environment.
Office 365 Jump Start (09): Hybrid Options with Exchange Server & Exchange OnlineInfo Naomi Alpern focuses discussion and demos on Hybrid deployments during this session. After reviewing Hybrid features and planning requirements in some detail, she tackles Exchange Sharing, Secure Transport, and Deployment Stages. Please note, there are four other modules that cover Exchange, so be sure to check out the others for information and demos of other Exchange Online features.
Video Links TableOffice 365 | Video links table
Hybrid Migration | Deploy | Virtual Academy | Video Links
01 | Enabling Exchange FederationInfo In this module you will learn how to enable Exchange Federation. This is a self paced interactive learning experience. When module is completed make sure you return to this page to continue with the next module.
02 | Remote Move MigrationInfo This module covers how to perform a Remote Move Migration. This is a self paced interactive learning experience. Enjoy this session!
Video Links TableOffice 365 | Video links table
Exchange Online Migrations | General | Video Links
Exchange Online: Migrating Mailboxes to Office 365Info In this 300 level session, you will learn the various migration paths for moving email services and mailboxes from an on-premise mail system (Exchange or IMAP) to Exchange Online. We’ll review the considerations that should be made in understanding a customer environment and the implications each migration method brings for business continuity, as well as step you through the actual migration process. Finally, we’ll cover any post-migration steps, equipping you to see a mail migration to Exchange Online through to completion.
Office 365: Mailbox Migration StrategiesInfo In the 200 level Office 365 Migration Strategies Overview session, you will learn the options for migrating mailboxes to Office 365, considerations for choosing a particular migration strategy, and an overview of basic and advanced migration methods.
Real World Deployment ScenariosInfo Are you looking to deploy Office 365? Are you a seasoned pro at Office 365 deployment, but want to learn more? This Ignite Webcast will fill your deployment needs as Loryan Strant and members of the Microsoft Support team discuss Real World Deployment Scenarios. From 30 to 30,000 seats, deployment fits many different scenarios. Learn more about this and some of the best tricks of the trade during our Ignite Webcast.
Preparing for an Office 365 Exchange E-mail Transition – Lync and LearnInfo Transitioning e-mail services from a legacy Exchange e-mail system to Office 365 may seem like a complex project. Migrations require expertise in several technical disciplines: Windows Server, Exchange, network design, Active Directory / Identity Management, desktop support and more. Office 365 projects depend on good planning and preparation. During this Lync and Learn session, Scott Cameron will discuss the steps you can take before an Office 365 e-mail transition and some of the tools you can use to help ensure a successful migration.
Office 365 Mailbox Migration Velocity Best PracticesInfo There are many paths to migrate data from an on-premises email organization to Exchange Online in Office 365. When planning a migration to Exchange Online, a common question is about how to improve the performance of data migration and optimize migration velocity. This session provides informations on the most common best practices.This module provides an overview of the main best practices which should be followed to perform a swift and smooth migration to Exchange Online.
Mailbox Migration Strategies OverviewInfo Which migration method is right for your organization? It depends on your existing email organization, how many mailboxes you want to migrate, and whether you want to manage user accounts in your on-premises Exchange organization or in Office 365. During this module we will cover all the aspects that we should evaluate when selecting the migration method.
Tools Links tableOffice 365 | Tools Link table
Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer for Exchange Server 2013InfoThe Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer for Exchange Server 2013 is an automated tool that evaluates the health and readiness of your on-premises Exchange Server 2013 environment. You can run the Best Practices Analyzer at any time to assess the state of your Exchange configuration.
Exchange Server Deployment AssistantInfoMicrosoft Exchange Server 2010 introduces the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant or ExDeploy, a new Web-based tool that can help you with your Exchange deployment. ExDeploy asks you a few questions about your current environment and then generates a custom checklist and procedures that help simplify your deployment
self-service Hybrid Edition product key retrieval for customersInfoIf a customer’s on-premises Exchange organization is running Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003 and you want to connect your organization to Office 365 and your Exchange Online organization, you must install at least one on-premises Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2010 server. This server is used for hybrid deployment connectivity that seamlessly connects your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online organizations. To avoid the extra cost of an Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2010 server license, the customer may qualify for a free Hybrid Edition product key for Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2010.

Hybrid Migration | Troubleshooting

Articles Links tableOffice 365 | Articles Links table
Hybrid Migration | Troubleshoot | Deployment
Troubleshoot a Hybrid Deployment
Hybrid Migration | Troubleshoot | Free/Busy
How to troubleshoot free/busy issues in a hybrid deployment of on-premises Exchange Server and Exchange Online in Office 365
Hybrid Migration | Troubleshoot | Move Mailbox
Error message when you try to migrate users from an on-premises Exchange Server environment to Exchange Online in Office 365: “Unable to connect to the server”
Hybrid Mailbox moves and EMC changes
PowerShell Scripts Links tablePowershell Scripts link table
Office 365 Hybrid Mailbox Migration ManagementInfo The aim of this was to allow me to: Migrate batches of On-premise mailboxes to Exchange online in a Hybrid deployment by using a centralized location. Get some idea of how long the moves will take, Keep track of the mailbox moves, License the mailboxes, Suspend moves if require
Exchange Server Large Item ScriptInfo This script is based on the original work by Dmitry Kazantsev. I’ve consolidated the original scripts and included additional horsepower.The script uses Exchange Web Services to impersonate a user account and essentially gaining access to the mailbox to scan the items in each fol
Tools Links tableOffice 365 | Tools Link table
Hybrid Environment Free/busy TroubleshooterInfoWelcome to the Hybrid Environment Free/Busy Troubleshooter This guided-walk-through describes how to troubleshoot free/busy issues that may occur in a hybrid deployment of an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Exchange Online in Office 365.
Hybrid Migration TroubleshooterInfoWelcome to the Hybrid Migration Troubleshooter This is a troubleshooter that is designed to assist when you are having issues moving a mailbox from an on-premises Exchange environment to Exchange Online (On-Boarding). This will also assist you if you are moving a mailbox back on-premises from Exchange Online (Off-boarding).
Microsoft Remote Connectivity AnalyzerInfoThis content is intended to address specific issues called out by the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool. You should apply these resolutions only to systems that have had the Exchange Server Analyzer tool run against them and are experiencing that specific issue.
Video Links tableVideo links table
Hybrid Migration | Troubleshooting | Tools | Video Links
Microsoft Remote connectivity analyzer & MOSDAL support tool kitInfo Learn about Service Management, Troubleshooting Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.
Service Management, Troubleshooting Exchange Online and SharePoint OnlineInfo Learn about Service Management, Troubleshooting Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.
Office 365 Troubleshooting common migration IssuesInfo When migrating to Office 365 there are a number of issues which can occur. This session provides a list of the most common ones and their solutions.
Outlook – Client-side Troubleshooting ToolsInfo This video discusses some troubleshooting steps you can take to isolate and resolve problems with Outlook, including Profile Architecture, using Profile Testing to isolate issues, the Connection Status Dialog, and testing e-mail autoconfiguration.Video Recorded by Will Brandt, Senior Technical Lead for Microsoft

Hybrid Migration | Post Migration operations

Mail Migration to Office 365 - Road Map - -Post migration

Hybrid Migration | Complete the Migration process

Articles Links tableOffice 365 | Articles Links table
Removing hybrid configuration
Decommissioning your Exchange 2010 servers in a Hybrid Deployment

For your convenience, I have created a document that That include many useful link that relate to Office 365 infrastructure named:
Office 365 Deployment RoadMap
You are welcome to download it and use it.


Links and Information | Article series index

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