3 Responses to “Exchange-clients-and-their-Public-facing-Exchange-server-Part-13-of-36”

  1. hi Eyal,

    I think the complete article content is missing here in article 13 of 36 titled Exchange-clients-and-their-Public-facing-Exchange-server-Part-13-of-36″
    could you direct me to another link from where I can view the contents?
    By the way, I love to read all of your articles and the way they are presented.
    Currently going throooough the 36 part series which you have brilliantly composed on autodiscover.


    • 1. Cannot view Exchange clients and their Public facing Exchange server | Part 13#36

      It thinks that it was a temporary issue
      Please try again –

      2. Reading my articles
      Regarding what you say that you read or going to read the 36 articles, I’m surprised, it looks like very few people are interested in this subject
      You made my day: -)
      Thanks for the feedback
      Eyal Doron

  2. Hi Eyal,

    honestly, i thought i would not get response. 🙂
    by the way, i tried to open the part 13 or 36 via IE and chrome but can’t still see the content..
    the link on powershell you have mentioned is great and i will have a look once i finish the 36 parts on autodiscover..

    I will move ahead with the rest of the parts.

    I must mention that this is the best and the simplest explanation of the autodiscover topic so far i came across.. The pictures that are embedded in the article keep the page lively and makes it feel fresh…


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