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Disable clutter for all users using PowerShell

The Clutter option is a new Exchange Online feature, which was created to help Office 365 customers (Exchange Online recipient) to effectively manage their mailbox content by “relocate” non-important or non-Crucial E-mail message to a specific folder named Clutter.

Clutter in Exchange Online

The Exchange Online Clutter feature is automatically activated for all Exchange Online recipients, and the issue with this “automation” is that many times, the Exchange administrator doesn’t want to activate the Clutter option, or the users don’t understand the Clutter feature, and the report that some mail is “missing” (mail items that were “moved” to the Clutter folder).

The good news is that every user has the option of disabling the clutter option, but the less good news is that at the current time, the Exchange Online management web interface doesn’t include an option of disabling the Clutter option in bulk mode.

The solution is to use a PowerShell command that runs in bulk mode on all existing Exchange Online mailboxes and disable the Clutter option.

Connect to Exchange Online using PowerShell

To be able to run the PowerShell commands specified in the current article, you will need to Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell.

Start Windows PowerShell as administrator and run the cmdlet Connect-ExchangeOnline.


Disable Clutter for all users using PowerShell

To disable the Clutter option for all existing Exchange Online mailboxes in the PowerShell console, run the following command:

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Set-Clutter -Enable $False

The PowerShell command will find all the existing Exchange Online mailboxes and disable the Clutter feature.

Disable clutter by using the PowerShell command

Note: The procedure of disabling the Clutter option will be “executed” only for existing Exchange Online mailboxes.

If a new Exchange Online mailbox was created after you have run the PowerShell command, you would need to rerun the PowerShell command to disable the Clutter option for the new Exchange Online mailboxes.

The o365info Team

The o365info Team

This article was written by our team of experienced IT architects, consultants, and engineers.

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  1. As a newish Exchange admin, I needed something that I could verify the commands and was not a script that I would have to parse through for a couple of hours. Thank you very much for the two cmdlets. Worked perfectly.

  2. Oke, nice. But incredibly slow execution of commands. This PS would never make it in the Linux world. Too verbose, too non forgiving, to slow. MS still has some things to learn.

    1. The clutter folder is still visible in your Outlook list and the existing mail stays there until you move it.

  3. Perfect, this has been a headache for us , with over 380 mailboxes, I dreaded doing them one by one.
    Thanks fo a great , well explained set of instructions, worked like a charm

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