Using remote PowerShell to Connect to Exchange Online

Connecting to Exchange Online with Remote PowerShell – PowerShell Nuggets

Post Views: 4,217 In the current article, we will review how connect to Exchange Online infrastructure by using remote PowerShell. This article is tagged under “PowerShell Nuggets”, meaning the style is KIS (Keep It Simple!) In case that you want to read more detailed explanation, use the following link: Using Remote PowerShell to manage Office…


Exchange Online – Display and Export information using PowerShell | Office 365

Post Views: 32,387 In the current article, we review the how to use the PowerShell command Get-Mailbox for – display and export information about Exchange Online mailboxes. One of the most basic needs for Exchange Online administrator is – the ability to create reports that include information about the Exchange Online resources such as Mailbox’s,…


Manage Forward Mail by using PowerShell | Office 365

Post Views: 58,660 In the current article, we review the use of the Forward email PowerShell command in Office 365 and Exchange Online environment. Forward email rule as the name implies, enable to forward automatically each email that sent to a particular mailbox to an additional email address. The “Destination recipient” (E-mail address) could be…