Repair Outlook mail profile

Post Views: 7,284 Outlook mail profile serves as a “container” for different settings and configurations that relate to the user email accounts. The Outlook mail profile saves or keeps all of the user information that relate to a different type of mail services such as: “Internet mail services” (POP3\IMAP4 services) and Exchange service. For example,…

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PowerShell – Office 365PowerShell command reference

Manage Email address using PowerShell | Office 365

Post Views: 71,673 The current article and the next article, created as a “PowerShell command reference”, for various tasks that relate to the subject of – “Managing E-mail address in Office 365 and Exchange Online based environment” using PowerShell.     Adding E-mail address to the Exchange Online recipient using PowerShell “Adding E-mail address by…

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PowerShell – Office 365 Help and additional information

Office 365 PowerShell – Help and additional information

Post Views: 5,577 Naming convention for the PowerShell sample that is used in the articles. Tips about that recommended way for working with the PowerShell sample. Basic introduction to the PowerShell command logic. Naming Conventions The PowerShell command “box” includes: PowerShell command: Representation of the variable will be displayed in bold triangular brackets <Variable>. The…

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