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Configuring Catch all Mailbox in Office 365 | Part 1#2

Post Views: 21,246 The request for “catch all mailbox” feature is very popular among Office 365 customer’s.The term “catch all mailbox“, define a concept of mail services, in which a dedicated mailbox is designated as a special mailbox that will “accept” all the E-mail messages that was sent to “non-existing organization recipients”. The “business need”…

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E-mail SecurityTLS

Exchange Force TLS | Troubleshooting and verifying secure mail flow |Part 12#12

Post Views: 8,608 In the current article, we will review three subjects that relate to mailing flow scenario that based on TLS communication. Verify mail server TLS configuration In a scenario in which we create all the required TLS configurations, but for some reason, the mail communication failed. We need to be able to understand…

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