E-mail Security

Implementing SPF Fail policy using Exchange Online rule (dealing with Spoof E-mail attack) | Introduction | Part 1#3

Post Views: 13,918 In the current article, I would have to provide you a useful way, for implementing a mail security policy that relates to an event in which the result of the SPF sender verification check is “Fail.” If we want to be more precise, an event in which the SPF sender verification test…

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Configure Outlook connect your Gmail mailbox automatically (look mama no hands!) | Part 2#3

Post Views: 7,090 In the current article, I’m going to reveal a secret that is going to affect humankind permanently – How to configure Outlook to connect Gmail mailbox automatically, without the need for manual settings. If we want to use the most scientific definition – look, mama, no hands! Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit,…

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