Disable clutter for all users using PowerShell 5/5 (1)

Post Views: 2,039 The Clutter option is a new Exchange Online feature, which was created for helping Office 365 customers (Exchange Online recipient) to effectively manage their mailbox content by “relocate” non-important or non-Crucial E-mail message to a specific folder named Clutter....

Manage Clutter by using PowerShell | Office 365 5/5 (1)

Post Views: 2,606 Clutter is a new Exchange server feature that created for facilitating better and more efficient mailbox management by Exchange users. The Clutter feature is implemented by analyzing the Exchange mailbox data and based on a “learning process” and other...

Manage Email address using PowerShell | Office 365 5/5 (5)

Post Views: 34,333 The current article and the next article, created as a “PowerShell command reference”, for various tasks that relates to the subject of – “Managing E-mail address in Office 365 and Exchange Online based environment” using PowerShell.

Manage Room Mailbox by using PowerShell | Office 365 5/5 (2)

Post Views: 27,938 In the current article, we will review how to use PowerShell commands for managing Room mailbox in Exchange Online environment. Resource Mailbox is a special type or a Mailbox that uses for the management of Meeting Rooms and Equipment.